For a safer world

We protect data communication

100 % ultimate security to cover all your today’s and tomorrow’s data protection needs.
Guaranteed by our world-class, made in Europe, hardware level technology.

Skudo successfully participated in the ESA (European Space Agency) Business Incubation Centre Estonia and it is now an ESABIC Alumni

Areas of application


Secure the data communication and digital assets in the space applications.


Secure existing communication channels between the ground stations and the drones.


Secure infrastructures such as powerplants, logistic centeres, hospitals etc.


Integrate technologies with the highest encryption and security level.


Integrate the encryption chip in any IoT device, to secure the data link between them.


Add an extra level of security to all your business and personal communications and data exchange.

Autonomous vehicles

Secure the data link between autonomous cars and remote servers.

Cold storage

Generating and storing the wallet encryption keys inside the custom chip offers an extremely high level of security.

Our solutions

for encrypted data transmission

Our own custom built HSM on a Chip (FPGA), pre-configured and fully tested and customized. It can be easily integrated into any solution that needs fully secure and encrypted data transmission. Contact us for more info.
Customized encryption solutions to any industry, in need of secure data transmission, using our HSM on a Chip. Contact us for more info.

What makes Skudo solutions unique:

  • Custom made encryption chip (HSM on a Chip)
  • 100% transparent and Backdoor free
  • Made in Europe
  • Hardware-based security
  • Most secure and open encryption algorithms
  • No operating system (OS)